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Natural Herbs

Herbs For Active, Happy, Healthy Horses

Serving the holistic horse owner who understands the limits of western medicine and is open-minded to herbs.

With Spirit Horse Herbs, you can avoid the typical issues that derail your goals WITHOUT fear of:
  • making the problem worse​
  • subjecting your horse to side effects from medication
  • suffering during a long recovery down time

By supporting the horse to reach his full potential, you can enjoy your horse being active, happy, and healthy even into his senior years.

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Pasture to Pail Herbs
Natural Herbs

Unsure where to start your horse?


Pasture to Pail

Support the horse’s entire system with a variety of herbs that horses naturally crave and seek out in their pasture.
Pasture to Pail is the exact blend that we have used to help countless holistic horse owners find the perfect herbs so you can support the horse’s entire system with a variety of herbs that horses naturally crave and seek out in their pasture space, into the feed pail.

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    "Looking back at old videos from last fall when I had Viper on my old program.  By the end of the season she was unhappy being a barrel horse.

    That is where Spirit Horse Herbs came into play.

    I completely changed my horse's program. We have focused on using herbs to help with inflammation, immune & hormonal issues, plus we redefined how to get a horse into condition. Now, the horse is clearly different in attitude & strength. 


    Before Spirit Horse Herbs, I was asking/forcing her to give me all she could. After, she clearly has far more to give in a barrel run now... look out 17's were coming for you again!"

    - Sincerely, Taylor-Jane


    Meet the Maker

    Donna Weatherly of Spirit Horse Herbs

    Combining my passions for healing and horses, I was guided to create Spirit Horse Herbs. 

    I grew up on, around, beside (and even sometimes underneath) almost any type of horse you can imagine.


    This lifestyle gave me an appreciation for the subtleties of equines and healthy horsemanship. The horses gave me an understanding that more exists than what is immediately obvious. 

    My curiosity led me to a more formal education, starting with enrolling in Horse 4H. Later, At Olds College all my available electives were from the equine department. I have also completed courses from the University of Guelph in Equine Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition. 

    My complementary studies include such techniques as Tough for Health, Body Management, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Evaluation and a unique modality called Tong Ren.

    Let me help you make your horse the healthiest they can be.

    - Donna

    Image by Annie Spratt
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