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Donna Weatherly

My Daddy was a rodeo cowboy, horse trader and stock contractor but above all, from the ground up, he was a horseman. As the eldest child, I quickly became the hired hand and girl Friday and learned invaluable lessons in the process.


I grew up on, around, beside and even sometimes underneath almost any type of horse you can imagine. This lifestyle afforded me with an understanding and appreciation of the equine on a level that is very unique and genuine. The horse is, without a doubt, my greatest passion.


As youngsters we were enrolled in Horse 4H and this began my formal equine education. At Olds College all my available electives were from the equine department. I have also completed courses from the University of Guelph in Equine Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition. My complementary studies began in 1994 and include such techniques as Tough for Health, Body Management, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Evaluation and a unique modality called Tong Ren. 


I have experience and expertise in distance healing and I have designed programs to maximize the efficiency of these techniques.


-  Donna Weatherly


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