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Helping all breeds & all disciplines

Since 1995

"Every horse and rider, regardless of discipline, has a unique partnership. Obviously, their struggles and issues are unique as well. Let us help you keep your equine partnership healthy and your horse’s well-being at its very best." Donna Weatherly

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Spirit Horse Herbs (SHH) is Veterinarian & Therapist Approved! 

We have over a decade & a half of experience creating Custom Herbal Blends for your horse's needs, and the Pre-Formulated Blends have been tested & proven over the last 10 years. 


SHH knows you are passionate about your horse's health & wellness. That is why SHH is getting all its products Food Canada Verified  as Low Risk Veterinary Health Products (LRVHP), and uses the highest quality ingrediants for your equine. We are doing our best to use organically grown ingredients whenever possible.


Plus feeding SHH is easy...  No crazy directions, just add the recommended scoop to your horses ration!


SHH is here to help you learn more about equine nutrition & help your equine feel its best, so that you both can enjoy your time together to its fullest. Whether for pleasure or for the highest end of competition and preformance, SHH has you covered.


Come Join - 'The Winning Force ' 

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