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Cool Focus
  • Cool Focus

    This herbal formula is exactly how holistic horse owners like you -- who understand the limits of western medicine and are open minded to herbs -- improve your horse’s ability to productively process stressors by supporting the horse’s nervous system so your horse is calm, focused and receptive, moving confidently through stressful environments without being over-reactive or dull.


    Cool Focus is the exact blend that we have used to help countless holistic horse owners find the perfect herbs to support the horse who is difficult to train or handle safely, performs inconsistently, behaves erratically, and causes worry and embarrassment.

    • Details

      Celery Seed is traditionally used to support symptoms
      of anxiety, treats hysteria, nervousness, headache,
      joint pain (rheumatism), loss of appetite, and
      exhaustion. Celery is also used to promote relaxation
      and sleep, as a digestive aid and for regulating bowel
      movements and for “blood purification.”

      Coltsfoot is used for brain and nervous system
      conditions, headaches, irritations and tightness of the
      chest, shortness of breath, as a muscle relaxant for
      lung problems such as bronchitis, asthma, and
      whooping cough (pertussis).

      Feverfew its used to relieve headaches, particularly
      vascular headaches such as migraines, is also
      employed in hysterical complaints, nervousness and
      lowness of spirits, and is a general tonic.

      Lemon Balm has calming effects, often taken for
      anxiety, sleep problems, and restlessness, is also used
      for Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity
      disorder (ADHD), swollen airways, rapid heartbeat due
      to nervousness, high blood pressure.

      Skullcap quiets nervous tension and eases muscle
      tension and spasms, also induces sleep without
      strongly sedating or stupefying, may help to lower
      elevated blood pressure, has been used for abnormally
      tense or twitching muscles, nervous system diseases
      characterized by involuntary movements of the limbs,
      has anti-inflammatory actions.

    • To Support Your Horse’s Nervous System

      3 simple steps:

      1. Daily feeding is recommended when horse is dealing with continual stress
      2. Feed 1-3 days prior to exposure to stress
      3. Identify and manage stressors that are unique to your horse
    PriceFrom C$85.00
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