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Long hours and miles on the road are nothing new to our 
sport. We know it takes outstanding individuals, both equine
and human to continue to perform at an elite level under
these conditions. Muscle & Joint provides a natural
alternative that is formulated to support the horse for the
long haul. This combination aids in the maintenance and
recovery of the structural system for your equine athlete.

Joint Pain and Stiffness
Recovery and Maintenance

Feeding Options
Regular hauling conditions
Feed at standard dosage once daily or split between feeding.
Long Hauls – double the dosage as required.
Standard Dosage: 2 scoops (tablespoons) daily.
Recommended not to exceed 9 Tbsp. daily.
NOT for use with blood thinning medications.

Muscle & Joint

  • Chickweed - Used to treat inflammation, joint pain, fluid
    retention, used as a stimulant, as a mild tonic, used in
    attacks of muscular rheumatism

    Burdock - Increases urine flow, “purifies” blood, reliefs
    joint pain, contains chemicals that might have activity
    against bacteria and inflammation.

    Devil's Claw - Well known anti-inflammatory, used for
    “hardening of the arteries", arthritis, gout, muscle pain,
    back pain, tendonitis, contains chemicals that might
    decrease inflammation and swelling and resulting pain.

    Dandelion - Reduces inflammation throughout the
    body, relieves pain and swelling, is a diuretic to help
    the kidneys clear out waste. Improves liver function by
    removing toxins, reestablishing hydration and
    electrolyte balance, rich in antioxidants, prevents
    free-radical damage, slows the aging process in cells.

    Lemon Balm - Used for pain, including cramps and
    headaches, it has a sedative, calming effect to the
    body. It might also reduce the growth of some viruses.
    Nettle - Decrease inflammation and increase urine
    output, used for muscle aches and pains, joint
    ailments, as a diuretic and for internal bleeding.

    White Willow Bark - It is used for conditions that
    cause pain and inflammation, it’s suggested that
    white willow bark is more effective than aspirin
    because of other active compounds that are
    found in the bark but not the drug
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