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Muscle & Joint
  • Muscle & Joint

    This herbal formula is exactly how holistic horse owners like you -- who understand the limits of western medicine and are open minded to herbs -- alleviate body soreness by supporting horse’s body to handle typical physical stress from conditioning and performance so that you have a ready, willing and able equine athlete with fewer soft tissue and joint issues.


    Muscle & Joint is the exact blend that we have used to help countless holistic horse owners find the perfect herbs to support body soreness that affects your horse’s performance, requires downtime to recover, or becomes a chronic issue requiring drugs and injections to be rideable.

    • Details

      Chickweed - Used to treat inflammation, joint pain, fluid
      retention, used as a stimulant, as a mild tonic, used in
      attacks of muscular rheumatism

      Burdock - Increases urine flow, “purifies” blood, reliefs
      joint pain, contains chemicals that might have activity
      against bacteria and inflammation.

      Devil's Claw - Well known anti-inflammatory, used for
      “hardening of the arteries", arthritis, gout, muscle pain,
      back pain, tendonitis, contains chemicals that might
      decrease inflammation and swelling and resulting pain.

      Dandelion - Reduces inflammation throughout the
      body, relieves pain and swelling, is a diuretic to help
      the kidneys clear out waste. Improves liver function by
      removing toxins, reestablishing hydration and
      electrolyte balance, rich in antioxidants, prevents
      free-radical damage, slows the aging process in cells.

      Lemon Balm - Used for pain, including cramps and
      headaches, it has a sedative, calming effect to the
      body. It might also reduce the growth of some viruses.
      Nettle - Decrease inflammation and increase urine
      output, used for muscle aches and pains, joint
      ailments, as a diuretic and for internal bleeding.

      White Willow Bark - It is used for conditions that
      cause pain and inflammation, it’s suggested that
      white willow bark is more effective than aspirin
      because of other active compounds that are
      found in the bark but not the drug
    • To Support Your Horse’s Soft Tissue & Joints

      3 simple steps:

      1. Daily feeding is recommended to maintain peak performance
      2. Double dose (am/ pm) is recommended for 4-5 days if your horse is showing soreness
      3. Ensure your horse moves as much as possible with adequate turn out and proper conditioning.
    PriceFrom C$85.00
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