It has been said that a good mare will often have more heart and try 
than any gelding. This is all great except when they “act like a mare”.
This herbal formula promotes an even and balanced natural cycle in
a non-invasive form. This herbal product supports a healthy
reproductive system and normalized heat cycle

Promotes Hormonal Balance For Your Mare
Happier Mare
Easier Hauler
Maintain Her Competitive Edge

Feeding Options
Standard Feeding practice of 2 – 4 Scoops daily as required.
Depending on severity of symptoms. Beginning with the higher
dosage for 2 - 3 weeks is recommended, then decrease amount
fed to 2 scoops for maintenance.
Standard Dosage: 2 - 4 scoops (tablespoons) daily
Recommended not to exceed 9 Tbsp. daily.

Not recommenced for pregnant or lactating mares

Twisted Sister 1

  • Blue Cohosh is used starting menstruation;
    muscle spasms; for colic, cramps, hysterics,
    inflammation of the uterus, to stimulate the uterus.
    It is thought to have effects similar to estrogen.
    Celery Seed supports symptoms of anxiety, treats
    hysteria, nervousness, headache, joint pain
    (rheumatism), loss of appetite, and exhaustion.
    It promotes relaxation and sleep, is a digestive aid,
    regulates bowel movements and purifies blood.

    Feverfew has a role in easing menstrual cramps,
    prevents headaches, arthritis, fevers, muscle
    tension and pain, used to lower blood pressure,
    improves digestion and kidney function. Has been
    indicated for various menstrual problems.
    Oat Straw eases the effects of a menstrual cycle
    including cramps, reduces inflammation, lymphatic
    swelling, benefits the endocrine system and
    balances the adrenal glands, prevents osteoporosis.

    Red Raspberry is naturally high in magnesium,
    potassium, iron and b-vitamins, making it helpful
    for nausea, leg cramps, and improving sleep.
    Extremely beneficial for the female reproductive
    system, strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscles.

    Yarrow is effective for uterine health, can regulate
    the menstrual flow and improve uterine tone, is an
    anti-inflammatory and is an effective pain reliever
    for menstrual cramps, PMS and endometriosis.
    It's also a natural diuretic.