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video tesimonial

"Looking back at old videos from last fall I found one of Viper & my last runs of 2014. I had her on my old program, and clearly by the end of the season she was unhappy with having to be a barrel horse.

That is where Spirit Horse Herbs came into play, I have completely changed my program. We have focused on using custom herbs to help with inflammation, immune, & hormonal issues, plus redefined how to get a horse into condition. 

The times are the same, but the horse is clearly different in attitude & strength. The old video I was asking/forcing her to give me all she could, where the new video I coasted through a run and got in her way, she clearly has far more to give in a barrel run now... look out 17's were coming for you again!"



Sincerly Taylor-Jane


This is Ty and Trotter. Miss Trotter got a bit chubby and foot sore from the good grass and her pony lineage so Ty's mom, Terri called me for my Metabolik blend and it has made a huge difference. (?)

Metaboliks helping horses


"Hey Donna, so I haven’t been riding Remmy at all but he’s been on your breathing formula (Bldr FX blend LINK). So completely out of shape and we just did laps around my field and his breathing was amazing! I didn’t realize how bad it was before...thank you so much for keeping my horse so healthy!!"


Dana Lovell - Barrel Racer.

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