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Donna Weatherly

Owner - spirit horse herbs

My passion for horses started at a very young age. Our family business was Big Country Rodeo, and as the eldest daughter, I quickly became the hired hand and learned invaluable lessons in the process. Being surrounded by all manner of horses, this lifestyle afforded me with a genuine and unique understanding and appreciation of the equine. 


Horse 4H as a youngster is where my formal equine education started. Later on at Olds College, all of my available electives were from the equine department. Other education includes Equine Anatomy, Physiology and Nutrition from the University of Guelph, and studying techniques such as Tough for Health, Body Management, Herbology, Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Evaluation, as well as a unique modality called Tong Ren. 


By combining my passions of healing and horses, I created Spirit Horse Herbs. With experience and expertise in distance healing, I have designed programs to maximize the efficiency of these techniques. Our unique method lets each horse tell us it’s story and select the herbs that are the perfect match. Let me help you make your horse the healthiest they can be. 

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